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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 02 August, 2006.

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Price: $6.50


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Wild Blackberry Spread No Sugar Added

The fresh taste of wild Oregon blackberries explodes in your mouth when you sample this wonderful fruit spread. Made with only 2 ingredients, wild Oregon blackberries and pectin this spread is sure to please. 13oz jar $5.95

Wild Huckleberry Spread No Sugar Added

Mention wild huckleberries to old timers and someone will undoubtedly argue whether or not itís really a huckleberry, or whether itís a wild blueberry. No one seems to come away as the clear winner of this argument but everyone agrees that these wild berries are delicious and make wonderful treats. Made wild huckleberries and natural fruit pectin, try it and join this delicious debate! 13 oz. Jar $5.95

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